CMS Launches Campaign to Assist Healthcare Consumers

By: | Jun-17-14

<p>The Centers for Medicare &amp; Medicaid Services launched a campaign Monday, &ldquo;From Coverage to Care,&rdquo; aimed at helping people make the most of their new health coverage under the new healthcare care law. The campaign is designed to help answer questions that people may have about their new health coverage and to help them make the most of their new benefits, including taking full advantage of primary care and preventive services.&nbsp; It also seeks to give health care providers the tools they need to promote patient engagement.&nbsp;&nbsp; </p>
<p>&ldquo;Helping to ensure that new health care consumers know about the benefits available through their coverage, and how to use it appropriately to obtain primary care and preventive services is essential to improving the health of the nation and reducing healthcare costs,&rdquo; said Dr. Cara V. James, director of the CMS Office of Minority Health.</p>
<p>Coinciding with the launch, CMS also released a booklet, &ldquo;Roadmap to Better Care and a Healthier You,&rdquo; which includes eight steps to help consumers and healthcare providers be informed about the benefits available through their coverage and how to use it appropriately to access to primary care and preventive services.</p>
<p>For more more information on the &ldquo;Coverage to Care&rdquo; campaign and to access other resources, visit the CMS <a href="">website</a>. &nbsp;</p>

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