Rep. Garrett Graves (R-LA, right) participated in a Southeastern Grocers pharmacy tour in Baton Rouge, La., as part of the NACDS RxIMPACT program.

NACDS RxIMPACT is making the most of a record-breaking number of congressional in-district activities. Now that the August congressional recess is over, here is an overview of the 2017 in-district activities. The results show more than half of NACDS RxIMPACT 2017 activities enabled advocates to interact with members of Congress supportive of provider status legislation–with nearly 20 percent signing on in support of the bill after the in-district activity took place.

Other highlights:

2017 NACDS RxIMPACT In-District Activities:
31% of NACDS Member Companies participated
79%  were Pharmacy Tours
18%  were Town Hall Meetings

2017 NACDS RxIMPACT In-District Activities Reached:
43% of all newly-elected members of Congress
69% of leaders NACDS RxIMPACT has not interacted with in-district before
32% of the Senate (44% Democrats; 56% Republicans)

2017 NACDS RxIMPACT In-District Activities Reached:
35% of the Senate Finance Committee
30% of the Senate Armed Services Committee
26% of the Senate HELP Committee