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Legislate a 7-day supply limit for initial opioid prescriptions issued for acute pain

  • This limit is consistent with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain
  • CDC clinical evidence: greater amount of initial opioid exposure is associated with greater risk for long-term use and addiction
  • Nearly 20 states already have taken action; federal legislation is needed for consistent patient care

Legislate a requirement that all prescriptions be issued electronically, with limited exceptions

  • E-prescribing enhances security and curbs fraud, waste and abuse; and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) e-prescribing requirements call for two-factor authentication, reducing the likelihood of fraudulent prescribing
  • Federal and state action would be timely, as e-prescribing of controlled substances has only been legal in all 50 states since September 2015
  • Only 14 percent of controlled substance prescriptions are issued electronically

Create a national prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) through collaboration

  • Most states use data to help identify and prevent drug abuse and diversion, but program variances limit their effectiveness
  • It is necessary to harmonize state requirements for reporting and accessing PDMP data, and to create one system with unified expectations by healthcare providers and law enforcement
  • A national PDMP would leverage e-prescribing to provide guidance for prescribers and dispensers in real-time when providing patient care

Provide manufacturer-funded mail-back envelopes for unused opioid drugs, available to patients at pharmacies upon request

  • Currently, many pharmacies offer disposal programs as appropriate by community and by store
  • A program featuring mail-back envelopes provides an option that is universally workable
  • State legislation could facilitate a mail-back program
  • Educational materials also are in use, and could be expanded in appropriate ways