Assistant Secretary for Health Adm. Brett Giroir, M.D., spoke at the Opioid Crisis Solutions Summit in Washington, D.C., last month. NACDS was highly engaged in the process and the summit, which released a roadmap this week with recommendations on combating the opioid abuse crisis.

NACDS participated in the Opioid Crisis Solutions Summit last month in Washington, D.C., and this week a roadmap based on the discussions at the summit was released providing recommendations aimed addressing the escalating opioid abuse crisis in the U.S. The “Roadmap for Action” gives clear guidance to healthcare leaders, lawmakers and regulators on comprehensive approaches to stemming the crisis.

Among the recommendations, the roadmap calls for adoption of e-prescribing for all controlled substances by 2020; a national prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP); and improved opioid stewardship and disposal. These all correspond to NACDS’ policy recommendations for solutions to opioid abuse.

The summit, hosted by Healthcare Leadership Council’s National Dialogue for Healthcare Innovation, brought together leaders from healthcare, government, business, academia and the patient advocacy community to discuss and recommend comprehensive, viable solutions to opioid abuse.

The stakeholders worked with the Duke-Margolis Health Policy Center, led by former Food and Drug Administration commissioner and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services administrator Dr. Mark McLellan in developing the roadmap.