You may recall the efforts of Rx Response to maintain the prescription drug supply chain—and to help in other ways—throughout various natural disasters and public health emergencies in the post-Hurricane Katrina era.

NACDS members truly are among our nation’s first responders in times of emergency.

Today, Rx Response is known as Healthcare Ready. But amid the name change and the expanded focus of Healthcare Ready, what has not changed is the vigilance of NACDS member companies; the Board-level engagement of NACDS; and the collaboration with public health partners and emergency preparedness authorities. By the way, on the new Healthcare Ready website, two of the four homepage images depict retail pharmacies—a reflection of the continued emphasis on your company’s importance in the lives of patients, on a day-to-day basis and in times of exceptional need. NACDS members truly are among our nation’s first responders in times of emergency.

Here’s another thing that has not changed: the appreciation for the fact that a structure like Healthcare Ready actually exists—particularly as Hurricane Joaquin potentially threatens the East Coast. The uncertainty presented by the storm helps us appreciate the reliability that stems from the fact that contingencies have been prepared, and that emergency communication channels have been established, through Healthcare Ready.

Time will tell if Hurricane Joaquin marks the first instance that Healthcare Ready formally elevates to “Alert” or “Engaged” status under its new name. But if it does, it will do so with the benefit of the history, experience and collaboration that remains integral to its effectiveness for patients and communities.