BREAKING NEWS: The New York State Senate on June 15, 2017, passed S5584 by a vote of 60-0.

Thank you for your interest in S5584 and A4611A
in the New York State Legislature

– to improve safety and patient care across the state

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44 out of 50 states regulate the practice of pharmacy technicians.
New York currently does not.

This sensible legislation currently under consideration by New York’s state legislature would provide for the regulation of pharmacy technicians to ensure accountability and public safety.



“Nothing in this legislation changes the responsibility of licensed pharmacists to supervise technicians working directly with them, nor does it lessen their responsibility to the patients who receive medications. New York is one of only five states that does not regulate pharmacy technicians. This legislation, while overdue, has been carefully constructed and represents a workable and sound public policy. For all of these reasons, the associations strongly support and recommend its passage.”

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The National Association of Chain Drugs Stores (NACDS) represents traditional drug stores, supermarkets and mass merchants with pharmacies, and supplier partners. Chains operate 40,000 pharmacies, and NACDS’ member companies include regional chains with at least four stores and national companies. Chains employ more than 3.2 million people, including 178,000 pharmacists.

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