Rx Response, an initiative of the bio-pharmaceutical supply chain to help ensure the continued flow of medicine to patients in times of emergency, has established a new membership structure that will enable individual companies in the bio-pharmaceutical supply chain to become direct members. NACDS has been a member of the group since its inception in 2007.

The move opens the door for individual companies to enhance their disaster preparedness and response capabilities by tapping Rx Response’s accurate and timely information, direct support during disasters, government relationships and industry networking.  Individual supply chain companies that join Rx Response will also increase the program’s situational awareness by providing a broader source of reports about the impact of a disaster on the supply chain members.

Rx Response provides a platform through which the entire bio-pharmaceutical supply system can easily communicate to coordinate pre-disaster planning and post-disaster response. Rx Response also serves as a single point of contact where government officials and supply chain members can coordinate to share information and address challenges impacting the supply system.

Rx Response has earned a reputation as an indispensable homeland security asset, gaining recognition from federal and state officials for its response to numerous disasters. Rx Response’s actions following Hurricane Sandy earned praise from Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, who thanked Rx Response leaders for the program’s post-Sandy actions.