Program Shows That Supporting Research, Supporting Researchers Goes Hand-in-Hand

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<p>The <a href="">NACDS Foundation</a> Faculty Scholars <a href="">Program </a>is designed to train junior faculty at U.S. schools and colleges of pharmacy in effective and meaningful community pharmacy-based research. The second class of NACDS Foundation Faculty Scholars just completed their year-long program designed to educate junior faculty on effective and meaningful patient care. The program connects the pharmacy scholars with community pharmacy and research experts to add to the diversity of their education.</p>
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<p>Result? Some fascinating and sustainable research models.&nbsp;</p>
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<p>Adams said that the challenge that many pharmacy scholars face is they don&rsquo;t have mentors at their respective schools who have done community practice research. &ldquo;Pairing them with that external support and connecting them to a cohort of their peers played a tremendous role in getting this group more directly involved in patient care,&rdquo; he explained.</p>
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<p>This group&rsquo;s program began last year at the inaugural <a href="">NACDS Total Store Expo</a> in Las Vegas and culminated with poster presentations on their preliminary research at the recent <a href="">American Association of Pharmacy Colleges</a> annual meeting. Research topics ranged from patients&rsquo; perceptions of medication synchronization programs, to immunization access barriers for patients in inner city areas, to oral HIV screenings in pharmacies.</p>
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<p>Adams said that even though the scholars&rsquo; participation in the program has formally ended, the group plans to stick together. He said, &ldquo;They&rsquo;ve decided to continue their weekly calls so they can provide encouragement, support and feedback to each other as they move forward with their own spinoff research projects.&rdquo;</p>

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