In 2016, Americans will elect a new president, 435 congressmen, 34 senators, 14 state/territorial governors and nearly 6,000 state legislators who will construct not only the laws you live by, but also the laws that helps serve patients better. Take action with the NACDS RxIMPACT Votes campaign today!

That makes nearly 7,000 reasons why you need to engage in the bipartisan NACDS RxIMPACT Votes campaign…

There are nearly 7,000 reasons why you need to engage in the bipartisan NACDS RxIMPACT Votes campaign and use online resources to register to vote, research candidates, support your candidates of choice and vote on Election Day!

NACDS RxIMPACT Votes Online Resource Highlights:

  • Match your home/work/school address to candidates running for office
  • Access candidate information and campaign websites
  • Register to vote online and identify polling locations, election dates
  • Learn how to volunteer for a campaign of your choice
  • Access our toolkit to engage your pharmacy teams


Throughout 2016 this exciting program will present a growing list of online grassroots resources to show candidates, incumbents, and citizens that pharmacy is a voter-charged community ready to take a stand! NACDS RxIMPACT challenges you to access these online materials to poise yourself, your colleagues and your pharmacy teams as a pharmacy voter — because these online elements are just the beginning to our exciting year ahead!

You can also stay in the advocacy loop and get state action alerts, updates on policy, new legislation and more—with just one click—by joining the NACDS RxIMPACT Pharmacy Advocates group on LinkedIn!

For more information, please contact NACDS’ Heidi Ecker.