By: | Oct-1-14

A new study by the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics—Harbingers of Change in Healthcare—identifies ten recent events expected to change the delivery of healthcare and use of medicines over the next decade.

The harbingers of change include consumer technology advancements in bringing mobile, cloud and wearable technology to healthcare; the U.S. government’s release of healthcare data, which protects patient’s privacy while facilitating innovations in disease treatments and medicine use; and a shift in healthcare delivery toward models that improve coordination of care, reduce overall costs and improve patient outcomes.

These pivotal indicators reflect the deep and rapid changes in the global health sector that are toppling business models and influencinstakeholders to reevaluate their approaches to bringing healthcare to patients. The inflection points look to a future of evidence-based and integrated decision-making powered by information and technology, improved patient outcomes and expanded use of medicines in more efficient, connected health systems.

According to the study, the dynamics will affect existing business models and healthcare systems, bringing opportunities to those leaders who understand, embrace and adapt to the new landscape.