The year 2018 is here—and, with it, the 85th Anniversary of NACDS. Our goal is to assure that the celebration of this milestone proves to be a call to action for the future—even as we honor the industry’s heritage. Inspirational words from Nate Shapero align directly with that goal.

Nate Shapero, of Cunningham Drug Stores, was the second president of NACDS. One year after the first convention and six years after NACDS’ founding, he said this: “At our first annual Convention last year, I sounded the keynote of the ‘Triumph of Cooperation,’ which for all future years, we can safely adopt as our slogan and motto. Our Association, through which the ideas of the North and South can be mingled with the thoughts of the East and the West, is an effective instrument…for the development of a sound relationship between the manufacturer…the producer…the chain store…and between ourselves and the public.”

Nate Shapero was right. His words—”Triumph of Cooperation”—describe the value of NACDS during its founding in 1933, today, and into the future. This value can be seen in effective advocacy in all levels and branches of government, which results from speaking with one voice and from grassroots engagement. This value can also be seen in new and exciting partnerships that result from the laboratory of ideas, otherwise known as NACDS meetings and conferences. This value can be seen in collaboration with researchers and patient advocates, and in telling the industry’s story.

I look forward to writing with you the next entry in NACDS’ history. Even given the uncertainty of our times, I know the greatest victories will be achieved through this “Triumph of Cooperation” which has proven effective and inspiring since NACDS’ birth. The next chapter of the industry’s success through NACDS starts now.

Let the 85th Anniversary of NACDS begin, and let the “Triumph of Cooperation” continue!