NACDS Total Store Expo Insight Sessions—Designed for Success

By: | Aug-14-14

<p>The educational <a href="">Insight Sessions</a> featured at the NACDS Total Store Expo offer presentations by experts on a variety of key issues and priorities including healthcare, business and logistics. There is an impressive lineup of topics in each specialty area and, as a reminder, the pharmacy sessions all offer live continuing education credits. As a member-driven association, feedback and direct input from NACDS members drive the creation of the sessions, ensuring they are timely and on point.&nbsp;</p>
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<p>The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has created new challenges&mdash;and opportunities&mdash;for members so the Insight Session, &ldquo;A Prescription for Change&mdash;the Affordable Care&rsquo;s Impact on Pharmacies&rdquo; is designed to address the concerns and questions members have in an interactive, responsive format. NACDS Vice President of Pharmacy Programs Alex Adams said, &ldquo;We try to pull together speakers that can help members navigate these new waters and position them for success in the healthcare world.&rdquo;</p>
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<p>Other new pharmacy topic areas are the &ldquo;Convenient Care&mdash;Point of Care Testing in the Pharmacy&rdquo; session, which will delve into this growing area, and the &ldquo;Advancing Neighborhood Care&mdash;Patient Nutrition Programs,&rdquo; an area in which members have expressed a great deal of interest.</p>
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<p>In addition to the pharmacy topics, the retail session, &ldquo;Risk without Rewards&mdash;What Every Executive Should Know about Cyber Security,&rdquo; will examine specific areas that the retail and pharmaceutical industries should be aware of in order to better protect their businesses. And the &ldquo;Supply Chain Optimization: Partnerships between Retailers and CPG Suppliers Lead to Green&rdquo; session will explore the win-win opportunities that can be achieved through packaging redesign.</p>
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<p>Check out all the NACDS Total Store Expo <a href="">Insight Sessions</a> on the NACDS Total Store Expo <a href="">website</a>.</p>

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