<p>The NACDS RxIMPACT grassroots program sent two recent action alerts to advocates in <a href="http://www.capwiz.com/nacds/issues/alert/?alertid=63213351&amp;type=ST">Delaware</a> and <a href="http://www.capwiz.com/nacds/issues/alert/?alertid=63213576&amp;type=ST">Louisiana</a>. In Delaware, NACDS RxIMPACT urged advocates to ask legislators to oppose SB 118 if physician notification requirements for the substitution of biosimilars are not eliminated from the bill in the amendment process. </p>
<p>The notification requirements would be redundant, since prescribers determine whether it is appropriate for pharmacists to substitute when issuing a prescription.&nbsp;Physician notification requirements would impede greater savings for Delaware patients, health insurers and other third party payors, including Medicaid, while protecting the profits of innovator biotech firms that will financially benefit from statutory barriers making the interchange of biosimilars. </p>
<p>In Louisiana NACDS RxIMPACT asked advocates to urge state representatives to support SB 600, a bill to expand pharmacists&rsquo; authority to administer any immunization without a prescription or medical order to anyone 14 years and older, before a House Health and Welfare Committee bill vote on May 13.</p>
<p><em>For more information, please contact NACDS&rsquo; <a href="mailto:hecker@nacds.org">Heidi Ecker</a> at 703-837-4121.</em></p>