NACDS RxIMPACT mobilized its largest letter-writing campaign ever this week mobilizing advocates to contact their representatives to build on the momentum of the Pharmacy and Medically Underserved Areas Enhancement Act.

…the future of pharmacy will be dependent upon the provider status decision

The legislation was reintroduced late last week in the House (H.R. 592), with the bipartisan original co-sponsorship of nearly one-quarter of the House, and reintroduced in the Senate (S. 109) January 12.

The campaign called on state associations, schools of pharmacy and NACDS member companies to send letters to their legislators emphasizing that the lack of pharmacist provider status recognition in Medicare and Medicaid has limited the ability of pharmacists to provide patient services they are qualified to perform, which inhibits patient access to care. The legislation would enhance access to care for underserved Americans, which would reduce overall health costs and improve patient outcomes.

Greg Guenther, RPh, director of pharmacy for Dierbergs Pharmacies, responded to the call, as he has many times before, and emailed his entire pharmacy team encouraging them to get engaged on this critical issue. Guenther noted, “…it takes diligence to be successful,” and wrote that “the future of pharmacy will be dependent upon the provider status decision.” He then challenged his team, “Will we… continue to expand our responsibilities to meet the training we have and the demands of our patients?”

To date, advocates have sent 2,048 letters to their representatives in the House and Senate. The power of grassroots advocacy is in motion.