A coalition of groups representing retailers, including NACDS, sent a letter to Congress recently urging legislators to craft legislation to standardize reasonable, timely notification of sensitive data breaches whenever they occur. Citing the recent spate of news stories covering data security breaches, the letter stated that a lesson learned is: “…any security gaps left unaddressed will quickly be exploited by criminals.”

The letter noted that any legislation to address these cybersecurity threats must cover all types of entities that handle sensitive information. The letter referenced several recent high profile cases of security breaches that left consumers vulnerable to criminal activity, including JPMorgan Chase, Apple and the Department of Homeland Security. The letter stated, “Consumers deserve to know when they are placed at risk, regardless of where the risk arises.”

NACDS and the other stakeholders said they were committed to working strategically and collaboratively with Congress to address cybersecurity threats to protect American consumers.