NACDS RxIMPACT Day on Capitol Hill Pioneer and CEO of the Missouri Pharmacy Association (MPA) Ron Fitzwater’s son Travis Fitzwater won a seat in Missouri’s House District 49 on Tuesday. Fitzwater took home nearly 62 percent of the vote in his race against former Rep. Gracia Backer—a 2,150-vote margin.

Ron Fitzwater said his son, who has a background in political science and business and has worked for the MPA for the past eight years, has always had a passion for politics. Fitzwater said changes to Medicaid are a prominent legislative issue in Missouri and that having someone like his son, who will be able to talk with legislators and share pharmacy’s success stories, will have an impact.

Fitzwater added, “For the advantage of pharmacy and healthcare here in the state, it will be good to have another person who understands the system from the provider’s point of view.”