Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-TX) and State Rep. Marisa Marques were on hand for the ribbon-cutting of the new Genoa Healthcare in El Paso, Texas. spoke with Dale Masten, Genoa’s director of government affairs, previously about why it’s important for legislators to be part of inaugurating new businesses in their communities. Masten said, “An old boss of mine said to me that unless you tell people what you’re doing—and show them what you’re doing—they don’t know what you’re doing. Pharmacists go way above and beyond just putting pills in a bottle in taking care of patients and clients. I think legislators don’t know all of the things that a pharmacist does within their pharmacy. So when a legislator comes in person and actually sees what happens, it gives them a better understanding of how the policies that they are going to implement through legislation affect that operation.”

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