An article in the February 2014 Journal of Managed Care Pharmacy provides advice to researchers who are studying pharmacist-provided medication management in accountable care organizations (ACOs) and medical homes. In actuality, the article says as much about the NACDS Foundation as it says about the research itself.

The objective of the article is to share insights gleaned from the early stages of three projects funded by the NACDS Foundation – the grants for which were announced almost exactly one year ago. The article certainly succeeds in that regard. It provides to researchers important findings about leveraging partnerships, alignment of services, data sharing, provider engagement and patient engagement.

I cannot help but think of this article in the same light as another NACDS Foundation initiative: the Faculty Scholars Program, which educates assistant professors from U.S. schools and colleges of pharmacy about designing, implementing and publishing community pharmacy-based patient care research. Currently, eight faculty members are engaged in this important educational program.

When the three projects that currently are studying the patient impact of pharmacist-provided medication management in emerging healthcare delivery models are concluded, they hopefully will generate important findings that will benefit public health. It is great that these findings – as well as the article in this month’s Journal of Managed Care Pharmacy and other programs like the Faculty Scholars Program – stand to help advance research methodology as well.

The work of organizations that are truly focused on an ambitious vision tend to produce synergies like these. The signs are strong that the NACDS Foundation is hitting on all cylinders in its work to improve patient health through partnership in research, education and medication management.

Who would have thought that one published article could say all of that?

For more information about the vision and projects of the NACDS Foundation, please watch the brief video “Inspired.”