NACDS represents members—by advocating on behalf of the pharmacy community with a resonant, unified voice about the value of pharmacy.

Your engagement is truly essential, especially in an election year.

In order to reach as many members of Congress effectively, it is essential to build and foster relationships with select members of Congress so key pharmacy legislative priorities are on their radar and they understand their importance.

What can you do? Become a part of the growing NACDS RxIMPACT Key Contact program, which exists under a broader NACDS RxIMPACT umbrella and empowers NACDS member company representatives to build relationships with members of Congress to advance pharmacy legislative issues over the long term.

The public policy arena is only getting more competitive. More advocates, representing a wide range of issues, are engaging with Congress to make their views heard. Becoming an NACDS RxIMPACT Key Contact is the first stop on the train of grassroots advocacy and reaching your member of Congress on various pharmacy issues. It’s also a great way great way to get more involved beyond attending NACDS RxIMPACT Day on Capitol Hill, and to build on any relationships you began during the trip to Washington.

Your engagement is truly essential, especially in an election year. Members of Congress that you sign up to engage with, or that you already have a relationship with, are going to be spending a lot of time back in their home districts this summer, which presents many excellent opportunities to connect with members on their home turf for town hall meetings, meet-and-greets, in-district office hours, ribbon cuttings, and pharmacy tours. These kinds of in-district events present great opportunities to join your fellow constituents and directly interact with lawmakers about pharmacy concerns.  It’s also a way to stay in touch with in-district staff members, who are key allies in gaining access to legislators at home, and an often overlooked resource next to their more visible Capitol Hill staff counterparts.

Also upcoming are the Republican and Democratic Conventions in July.  This is definitely a good time to get involved!

Join the NACDS RxIMPACT Key Contact Program today and distinguish yourself as a pharmacy advocate.