By: | Apr-17-14

<p>The adage&nbsp; &ldquo;all politics is local&rdquo; sums up a truism in government&mdash;legislative issues close to home are often a lot more immediate and personal for people than the ones playing out on the national stage. NACDS works daily at the state government level, in conjunction with members and state partners, to advance legislation and support local advocacy initiatives. Case in point: On April 9, NACDS sponsored the Missouri Pharmacy Association&rsquo;s (MPA) Legislative Day in Jefferson City, which brought together nearly 500 participants, the MPA&rsquo;s largest turnout to date. </p>
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<p>Among the top issues for advocates was HB 1683&mdash;introduced by Representative Andrew Koenig (R)&mdash;which would expand pharmacist immunization authority to include all CDC-recommended vaccines for adults and adolescents ages seven and older. Missouri currently only allows pharmacists to administer vaccines for flu, pneumonia, zoster and meningococcal for children ages 12 and older, under protocol with a physician. Other items on the agenda included updates from experts on Medicaid reimbursement changes, including AMP-based FULs, the National Average Drug Acquisition Costs and the Missouri Cost of Dispensing study currently in the field.</p>
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<p>NACDS Director of State Government Affairs Joel Kurzman spoke about federal developments on <a href="">provider status</a> and state-level scopes of practice. Faculty and students from both Colleges of Pharmacy shared their perspective on their academic programs and one student outlined his positive advocacy experience at the recent NACDS RxIMPACT Day on Capitol Hill. Kurzman said participants were &ldquo;very enthusiastic about the opportunity to learn and advocate.&rdquo;</p>