<p><em>The Washington Post&nbsp;</em>reported, &ldquo;Tired and irritable, members of Congress will make their getaway from Washington today for their summer recess … Whether the rest they are about to take has been well earned is a question, of course, on which Republicans and Democrats would never agree&hellip;&rdquo;</p>
<p>As an indication of how some things never change, the article ran in 1929.</p>
<p>Congress begins its summer recess August 1, with members arguably as tired and irritable as their predecessors were 85 years ago; however their absence from Washington invites opportunity for making the old axiom &ldquo;all politics is local&rdquo; a reality. Because during the summer recess, legislators return to their home districts and it is possible to schedule meetings and pharmacy tours with them through their in-district offices.</p>
<p><a href="http://capwiz.com/nacds/home/pharmacytour">NACDS RxIMPACT</a> pharmacy tours continue their momentum, with the district director for Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) touring an H-E-B in San Antonio on July 29, bringing the total number of in-district pharmacy tours to 79 for 2014. </p>
<p>NACDS RxIMPACT pharmacy tours are a great way to communicate the integral role pharmacy plays in communities across the country. Legislators come away from the tours better informed about the role pharmacists play in their communities&mdash;providing face-to-face, accessible healthcare services to their constituents&mdash;which leads to better overall health outcomes and reduced costs.</p>
<p>With Congress away from Washington for the month of August, now is the time to contact their in-district congressional offices to schedule a pharmacy tour and convey pro-pharmacy, pro-patient legislative priorities firsthand.</p>
<p style="margin-left: 0in;"><em>For more information on scheduling an NACDS RxIMPACT pharmacy tour, please contact&nbsp;<a href="mailto:hecker@nacds.org">Heidi Ecker</a>&nbsp;at 703-837-4121.</em><em></em></p>