I ask the same questions about social media that I ask about other initiatives. Does it advance the strategic plan approved by the Board of Directors? Will it serve the membership? Will it strengthen NACDS? The new social media campaign that we launched last week to support the NACDS Total Store Expo looks great by those standards.

If we were using social media only for the sake of doing so, we would be wasting time and resources. There are many articles online that warn against using social media only for the sake of using social media – describing social media without purpose as “boring,” “a bad idea,” and “dumb.” But that lack of focus – and those words – do not describe the engagement around the NACDS Total Store Expo on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

The focused goals of the social media campaign mirror NACDS’ broader work to make the NACDS Total Store Expo truly valuable for retailers and suppliers alike:

  • Recruiting new exhibitors and chain attendees to grow opportunities;
  • Raising awareness of the available show-preparation materials to help each company succeed;
  • Creating venues for companies to highlight their new products – in concert with vital show features like Meet the Market, the Product Showcase and the Exhibit Hall;
  • Drawing in audiences such as the media, which can help to publicize and advance the show.

If you missed the launch of the social-media campaign, be sure to check out the special edition of NACDS-TV that tells the story. You’ll find that it answers important questions about social media, even as it helps retailers and suppliers find the answers that will drive results at the NACDS Total Store Expo this August.

P.S. For another example of our mission-focused use of social media, be sure to join the NACDS RxIMPACT Pharmacy Advocates group on LinkedIn!