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NACDS engages in an all-branches and all-levels of government approach to advocacy. This includes engagement in matters before the U.S. Congress and Executive Branch departments and agencies. It also includes collaboration with NACDS members and allied state associations on matters before state legislatures and regulatory entities.

In its advocacy, NACDS advances pro-patient and pro-pharmacy policies that would help to improve patient health and reduce overall healthcare costs. These policies reflect the new reality that community pharmacies services provide exceptional value by helping to prevent reliance on costly forms of care that become necessary when health conditions are not treated properly. For example, with a greater emphasis on face-to-face medication counseling – and in-pharmacy vaccinations, screenings, diagnostics and health education – patients and their loved ones can be spared more extensive treatments or even emergency room visits.

As the landscape shifts quickly on federal and state issues, please be sure to rely on the Search box at the top of this page, as well as the Newsfeed on the homepage, to learn the latest. As a benefit of membership, NACDS Chain (retailer) members have access to the NACDS Government Affairs and Public Policy Department, which serves as a source of information and insights to complement companies’ in-house and outside government affairs representatives. NACDS invites members to contact the Association’s staff as directed on the "Staff" page.

State Legislative Tracking Service

NACDS’ state legislative tracking service – iStateLink – is an exclusive benefit for NACDS Chain (retailer) members. This tool allows NACDS Chain members to search for bills of interest by state and/or issue and provides additional information about bills such as political and outlook information. NACDS Chain members have been provided a unique non-transferable passcode to access the information. In order to offer this valuable service as a benefit of membership, the passcode may not be shared. Please contact Sandra Guckian, NACDS’ vice president of state government affairs.

State Pseudoephedrine Law Summaries

NACDS has prepared summaries of enacted state laws and rules establishing sales limits, restrictions, reporting and recordkeeping requirements for the sale of over-the-counter products containing pseudoephedrine (PSE) and ephedrine (EPH).

NEW! Pharmacist Resource on DEA's Rescheduling of Combination Hydrocodone Products

NACDS has produced a resource that chain members can consider sharing with their pharmacists to provide insights on DEA’s final rule regarding the rescheduling of hydrocodone combination products.